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Curfews, currency and khat: Latest coronavirus news

A man chews khat in Addis Ababa's 'Little Mogadishu' neighbourhood in 2019.
A temporary ban on the sale of a potent stimulant has reportedly saved Somalis millions of dollars (file photo)

Africannations are taking tough action to restrict the spread of coronavirus and areincreasingly taking steps to protect their economies too.

Inthe latest developments:

  • South Africa announced its first two coronavirus deaths as the country started a three-week lockdown with the army and police officers patrolling the streets. A few people have been arrested: a cyclist and others found with alcohol - the sale of which is banned. Videos circulating on social media show officers at times using force to get people to toe the line
  • Zimbabwe is allowing people to use US dollars again, reversing last year's ban on foreign currencies - a move aimed at supporting the already struggling economy against the effects of coronavirus. The country is to begin a lockdown on Monday
  • A temporary ban in Somalia on the stimulant leaf khat, which coincided with the suspension of international flights to and from capital because of coronavirus, is estimated to have saved people millions of dollars over the last week. Campaigners want the restrictions to be made permanent
  • The president of Nigeria, Africa's most populous country, has recalled disease control experts from overseas and announced new restrictions, including on shipping, and extra funding for Lagos state, which has registered 44 of Nigeria's 65 cases of coronavirus
  • A couple in Tanzania have been arrested for spreading false information - after being heard on a bus saying that coronavirus was a hoax. Dar es Salaam's police chief said the husband and wife were ridiculing the government
  • Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo - one of the continent's biggest cities - will start a three-week lockdown on Saturday. Residents will have to stay at home for four days and then be allowed to stock up on food on the following two days
  • Eritrea, with six confirmed cases, is shutting all schools and all public transport has been banned - as have all commercial flights. Gatherings of more than 10 have also been prohibited
  • Algeria is bringing nine more of provinces under a daily curfew already in place in the capital, Algiers, and the neighbouring province of Blida. It means residents will not be allowed out of their homes between 19:00 and 07:00 local time
  • And the BBC has launched a 贵州快三首页Africa coronavirus live tracker, which shows that there are so far 3,450 confirmed cases on the continent.

Night curfews extend across Algeria

Nine more provinces in Algeria will be placed under daily curfew from 18:00 GMT (19:00 local time) to 06:00 GMT, starting on Saturday, as the North African country seeks to contain the spread of coronavirus.

A total of 367 people in Algeria are reported as having contracted the virus, 25 of whom have since died.

A large number of confirmed cases are in Blida province, where multiple members of the same family were among the first known cases in Algeria earlier this month.

Both Blida and the capital of Algiers are already under curfew, with a full lockdown in force in Blida according to Reuters.